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S e r v i c e s   i n   L P S C

Please bear in mind that everything on the Earth Plane is temporary and uncertain.

Changes may happen at any time. If so, we will do our best to keep you updated.

Sunday 21st July 6pm --  Colin Nicolson

Monday 22nd July 7:30pm --  Alana Black

Sunday 28th July 6pm --  Daniel Robinson

Monday 29th July 7:30pm --  Mark Redpath

Sunday 4th August 6pm  --  Les Guttridge

Monday 5th August 7:30pm --  Sue Salesbury

Sunday 11th August 6pm  --  Rosemary Measures

Monday 12th August 7:30pm --  Darren Charles

Sunday 18th August -- James Harrison Byrne

Monday 19th August -- Mick Blacker

We are closed for Bank Holiday

25th and 26th August

Sunday 1st September -- Alana Black

Monday 2nd September -- David Emery & Jeanette Woodward

Sunday 8th September -- John Beckwith

Monday 9th September -- Daniel Robinson

Sunday 15th September -- Dee Wilson

Monday 16th September -- Pete Barry

Sunday 22nd September -- Bernicia

Monday 23rd September -- Pam Brooks

Sunday 29th September -- Jill Haysmond

Monday 30th September -- Helen Gayle

Sunday 6th October -- Katie Pretchard

Monday 7th October -- Alana Black

Sunday 13th October -- Carolyn Allsop

Monday 14th October -- Margaret Pearson

Sunday 20th October -- James Harrison Byrne

Monday 21st October -- Pauline Whittall

Sunday 27th October -- Ann Swinbank

Monday 28th October -- Ian Day

Sunday 3rd November -- Darren Charles

Monday 4th November -- Pete Barry

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