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Leicester Progressive Spiritual Centre

is a Spiritualist organisation based in the centre of Leicester who is an ASSOCIATE BODY

of the Spiritualist National Union. In addition we are a registered Charity (1170202).

We practice the religion and philosophy of spiritualism according to the Seven Principles,

of which individual liberty of interpretation is allowed. 

Through Mediumship, we aim to connect with the Spirit World and provide evidence of life after life.

We welcome people from all faiths to join our services and activities.

However, in order to become a member of our organistation, people must be able to accept our religion, based on the seven principles.


O U R   R E P R E S E N T A T I V E S

Church Officers:​

President:              Marian Sawczuk

Joint Vice President:        Dee Wilson

Joint Vice President:        John Callis

Treasurer:              Angie Markey

Secretary:              Leigh Ann McDonagh



Bernicia Tonge

Daniel Robinson

Terry Marsh

Anthony Barrington

Petr Silhan

James Harrison Byrne

Ann Maynard (co-opted)

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